Recent Changes in the Look and Feel of the Forum

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Recent Changes in the Look and Feel of the Forum

Postby Programmer » Sun 16 Dec, 2012 1:40 pm

Forum users might have noticed the changes in its colour scheme recently so a word of explanation is in order. Willowsheart, the forum owner and administrator, has upgraded the forum software to the latest version which offers better protection against spam messages being posted. Some of the previous modifications that she had made to the forum were not compatible with this upgrade, hences the changes in look and feel, of which there may be more to come.

Guest users are welcome to post on the forum after their messages have been approved. We are sorry about the inconvenience of this to posters who want prompt answers to their questions about the Orphalese Tarot. The approval step became necessary because the forum receives hundreds of messages containing links to porn, offers of fake Gucci handbags, male enhancement pills etc etc etc. Willowsheart has been doing a fantastic job of deleting all these spams, message by message because that was all the previous version of the software allowed. New users of the forum now have to answer a simple question to show they are genuine surfers and not spam bots. We hope everyone can understand and forgive this extra small inconvenience too.

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