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Tarot Apps

Postby Anarkali » Sat 08 May, 2010 8:11 pm

Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts or recommendations of tarot phone apps. There are heaps of them for the iphone but only a few seem any good for anyone with a more serious approach to tarot. I notice that most of them are aimed at casual users, or possibly learners. I was also disappointed that the Astrology.com iTarot deluxe app, which aims to be the most comprehensive, used such a poor selection of decks.

So my favourite of the RWS deck apps is (with an honourable mention to Tarot Tap Pro) the Beautiful Tarot. It's still quite new but very smooth and very pretty to look at. It is on the way to becoming something that a professional can use on the go- you can email a reading for instance. But wouldn't it be nice if they could work with Orphalese to allow us to upload our decks and notes? Or Orphalese cooked up something independently... I have seen the iPads and I'm sure I'm not the first tarotist to imagine the wonderful potential it has for us.

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Re: Tarot Apps

Postby Denita » Wed 15 Mar, 2017 12:01 am

My favourite tarot apps are Gaian Tarot, Animal Totem, Golden thread Tarot (this is awesome!),Psychic Tarot, and the Mythic Tarot.
I'm just new here so I might have missed something but it would also be cool if you could save your readings.
Much love,
Denita x

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