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New Server Location

Posted: Sat 03 Aug, 2013 10:42 am
by Programmer
In recent months we have been losing the battle against spam so badly that the Forum had become impossible to manage. Although the spam messages don't appear to anyone else until approved or deleted by Wilowsheart or me as administrators, we still have to wade through them to find any legitimate posts. When the spam runs to about 50 pages it is kind of hard to do this!

As a solution I have moved the Forum to a server where I can also have direct access to the database itself. This means I can delete any spam messages with a single line of SQL - yea!!

Don't forget to update your bookmarks so you can find your way back here. The look and feel of the Forum is slightly different too, hopefully users won't be confused or put off by the new interface. Please feel free to make any suggestions for improvements!