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Searching before Posting

Posted: Sun 24 May, 2015 10:18 am
by Greg the Yeti
Hi, I usually do a search before I post, just in case the topic has been covered before. However I'm almost always greeted with a message saying that "so and so" word(s) have been ignored because they are too common.

Today I searched for "P2P File Exchange" and all three words were too common!

Now I'm CERTAIN there are posts here about the P2P File Exchange, but how do I check them? There isn't a heading that lists it as contained therin.

I'm NOT going to hunt down through a massive list of irrelevancies.........

How many "hits" qualifies for "too common"? I humbly suggest it is set too low. I would prefer to hunt though a list of a hundred or so than be faced, basically, with the entire Forum! That ain't happenin'....

Greg the Yeti

Re: Searching before Posting

Posted: Thu 23 Jul, 2015 8:35 am
by Programmer
I found the setting, it was based on the percentage number of posts the search term appears in. By default it was set to 5%, but I have upped it to 25% so a search term has to appear in a quarter of all results before it is deemed too common.