Scanning cards for personal use

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Scanning cards for personal use

Postby Flamegirl » Thu 21 Dec, 2006 3:03 pm

Hi, Is there a tutorial available, or step-by-step instructions for scanning cards and loading them into my Decks files to use with Orpahlese Program? I have a couple of new decks I would like to use with program, but am not sure how to do this -- Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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Scanning cards for personal use

Postby Dominatrix » Thu 21 Dec, 2006 4:15 pm

AFAIK, there's not a single tutorial for scanning decks, because there's a ton of scanners and different TWAIN scanner interfaces, so it all depends on the one you're using. If Tarot decks are related, there's some advice I can give to you based on experience:

-Limit dpi size to 72 or 96 (screen size): bigger numbers just mean bigger cards and files, and Orphalese can't get advantage of this.

-Be careful on how you put cards on the scanner: a Tarot card is a tiny thing in size compared with a Legal Letter or A4 document. It can be tilted some degrees very easily, making a bad scanner.

-Try to get the same size for all cards, using the scanner interface or a post-processing graphic software. Orphalese can manage decks with different card sizes without problem, but you'll feel some dancing when dealing cards, very distracting when you're trying to do a serious Tarot job.

Any given Orphalese deck is just a bunch of graphics, you have to translate into Orphalese. There's a deck creation tutorial on my site,, in English and Spanish. Have a look and feel free to ask if doubt arise. Best.

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