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Bug report

Posted: Fri 07 May, 2004 8:59 pm
by Gisela Rodriguez
1 - small glitch noticed: the F2 button works well in 5.2 beta to go TO tarot zone, but getting back it seems to work much less reliably, i.e., sometimes yes, sometimes no. 2 - the Forum seems to have lost several posts in various threads sometime in the last couple of days. There weren't that many posts to start with, so it's unnerving to see even these few disappearing. This is especially true about more recent posts.

F2 Key and Disappearing Posts

Posted: Sun 09 May, 2004 11:24 am
by Programmer
Thanks for the feedback. I am aware with that problem with the OTZ. It happens as soon as you start navigating, because the browser traps the key input, so as long as the browser has the focus the main part of the program (the deck) can't interecept the F2 key. One way around this is to relaunch the deck, click on it once (to give it back the focus) and then press F2. Of course it is probably quicker just to close the browser part. You can do this in the beta version with the x button in the top left.

The Forum issue is because there is a default period set after which posts don't show up. I think it is 90 days. The posts haven't been lost, they just don't show. Given that, as you say, there haven't been a great many posts, I will tinker with the code and reset the timeout to 180 days or something.