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Program enhancement suggestions: Spread Creation

Posted: Fri 14 May, 2004 5:40 pm
by Gisela Rodriguez
Idea #1:
Is it possible to allow editing (i.e., spatial movement) of the exact positions of the cards without losing all positions and text already entered? I’d like to tweak the locations in my Opening the Eye spread because it’s too wide for the screen most of the time, but I don’t want to start it over from scratch.

Idea #2:
Some spreads require that certain positions be restricted to certain ranges of cards rather than just any card in a deck. For example, the Hagall Spread created by Rachel Pollack for the Haindl deck requires that positions 1-4 are to be restricted to pip cards (22-31, 36-45, 50-59, and 64-73), positions 5-7 are restricted to Trumps (00-21), and positions 8-10 are restricted to Court cards (32-35, 46-49, 60-63, and 74-77).

Is there some way in which ranges of cards (both continuous and discontinuous) can be specified for each card position within a given spread using the Spread Creation Wizard?

Idea #3:
Other spreads will sometimes specify one or more numerologically derived cards (or a particular significator for a given individual), be placed in a certain position(s).

Is there some way to create a spread that each time it is used, it asks for the reader to supply the name/number of the card(s) desired for the significator position(s)?

Can this be done so that each position in the spread can be independently set? I’m thinking of a spread I saw being developed on a list that involves using three particular Trumps in three set positions, as well as a personally derived significator card in another position, as well as several positions for random cards.

Idea #4:
Would it be further possible for certain calculations to be embedded in the spread for certain positions, such as for example, a querent’s numerological Life Card, or Personality card, etc.? This is obviously a bit more complex, as the calculations (e.g., Chaldean vs Pythagorean systems) and terminology for these things do vary somewhat from one numerologist to another, but those can be sorted through in a settings box.

Some means would be required for the reader to enter individual birth and/or name data for the program to reference as needed. Perhaps a querent specific dialog box that allowed the reader to enter the info once and save it for future use would be possible. Then each time any spread requiring this sort of info were to be done, the reader could select from a drop down list of saved querents’ data, and proceed with the reading. If the reader doesn’t use numerological calculations to generate significators, there could still be one or more slots for the reader to record which card(s) s/he prefers to use for the given querent, with checkboxes to select which one was wanted on the given occasion.

I suspect that in most cases, the saved data would only pertain to the reader him/herself, and perhaps a very few intimates. Still, it would be a handy feature.


Spread File Formats

Posted: Wed 19 May, 2004 11:48 am
by Programmer
Thanks for the suggestions, Gisela.

I am hoping to enhance the spread creation and management options in the next version of the program after the current beta (ie not in 5.2 but in 5.3).

The first idea, that of making the spreads editable, both in terms of the card positions and the text, is definitely on the list for inclusion.

The second thing I want to change isn't on your list, but it has been suggested by other people. This is that there should be some kind of tooltip when a spread has been laid out to show the significance of each position. This would be a lot more convenient than referring back to the spread file each time.

The idea of restricting certain positions to certain cards makes sense. I will look into how feasible it might be in practice. I think the idea of having the user supply significators, or having them stored, is going to be too complex to make it into this release anyway. The neatest way to do it might be to allow the spread creator to write their own script, which would get included in the spread file and executed when the program runs. This could then prompt for whatever parameters were needed. I would have to kick this around for a bit before I could even pronounce on how easily it could be done.

I know from having corresponded with the folk at that you can build almost any level of complexity into a spread file, if you start out with the goal of describing every conceivable case. They have been working on such a specification for over a year and a half, and as far as I know they are still working on it, which is why I went ahead using my own (admittedly very simplistic) spread format. XML is very useful because it allows the possibility of introducing new file formats while at the same time keeping backwards compatibility. I will be happy to have the spread format evolve some more, but if I managed to embrace 95 of the spreads that people use most I would probably consider that a fairly respectable achievement.

Re the Automated Replies...

Posted: Sat 22 May, 2004 11:27 am
by Programmer
Hi Gisela,

The new posts list only gets added to when someone starts a converstation thread - replies don't get added.

Re not getting the notification, I am not sure what happened there. Your email address is correct in the database. I am sure that I have received emails when people have posted to me. Maybe there was a problem with the mail server at the moment that I replied. I am going to reply to your post again, to see if you get a message this time. Maybe you can reply to my reply as well (it may be that the automated mailer code only works for top level posts as well, which would be a bug).



-----Original Message-----
Sent: 22 May 2004 07:40
Subject: Bug Report
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Bug Report

very minor bug: There's a check box at the bottom of forum postings to notify the poster when a reply has been made to their post. You responded to my post of 5/15 on 5/19, but here it is 5/22, and I only stumbled on your reply when I went poking around the forum specifically looking for replies. Your reply wasn't listed in the new posts section either, and I only found it when I clicked on the view entire conversation link. I never received any notification that a reply had been posted.


Posted: Sat 29 May, 2004 3:34 pm
by Programmer
OK, let's test this...

OK here is a test

Posted: Sun 30 May, 2004 3:04 pm
by Christine
I thought this would be a likely place to test and report a bug (I think). I tried starting a new thread for natal backgrounds and the post is blank. What did I do wrong or what do I need to do next?

Many Thanks,

Possible Cause of Problem

Posted: Sat 05 Jun, 2004 4:43 pm
by Programmer
Thanks for testing this Christine - I did get a notification of your post.

Gisela, perhaps the problems is that you have an anti-spam filter that stopped a computer generated message (which the notifications are) from getting through?

re: Possible cause of the problem

Posted: Tue 08 Jun, 2004 4:51 am
by Gisela Rodriguez
No. I have no spam filters other than simply using message rules in Outlook Express to sort mail for me, and I have an Orphalese folder. I always review the eddresses and subject headers in incoming messages before deleting spam as I am fully aware of the imperfection of Outlook Express.

I didn't get notification of your reply dated 6/5/2004 either. Good thing I check every few days.

Version 5.4 Beta

Posted: Sun 07 Nov, 2004 11:57 am
by Programmer
Hi Gisela,

It has taken a while, but I am pleased to say that the beta of the next release allows users the possibility to edit spreads, among a number of other new features.

Also, I hope you get a notification of this post because the notifications finally do seem to be getting generated properly.

I am shortly going to improve this more by having the notification contain the text of the reply and a link to the whole conversation which can be launched in a browser without logging on to the program.

We are getting there slowly!


Beta version 5.4

Posted: Mon 08 Nov, 2004 3:21 am
by Gisela Rodriguez
Hi Richard,

Yes, the notification email is working just great now! Thanx!

I am really champing at the bit to get hold of beta version 5.4, but when I click on the link to download it, I just get version Also, my desktop icon changed from the usual blue star to a plain white windows folder icon -- most unexpected.

I'll check again tomorrow to see if things work beta then. .^)


Re: Version 5.4 Beta

Posted: Wed 10 Nov, 2004 4:06 pm
by Programmer
Hi Gisela,

This is mostly just a little test to see if my changes to the code which generates the notification emails has worked - if so you should be reading this message in the email.

BTW Did you find the beta? The link is right at the bottom of the main page - perhaps I could have made that a bit clearer.