Dual replies? -- but I repeat myself....

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Gisela Rodriguez
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Dual replies? -- but I repeat myself....

Postby Gisela Rodriguez » Tue 05 Oct, 2004 10:36 pm

Hi Richard,

I just put up a reply to Paul letting him know you'd helped me upload the Hello Kitty Deck he'd requested, and two copies of my reply were added to the forum thread.

I guess it's because I pressed both the [Save] and [Sumbit] (sic) buttons. Can you explain why there are two buttons, and what difference in function they have, so I don't press the wrong one again?


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Button Trouble

Postby Programmer » Wed 06 Oct, 2004 3:49 pm

Hi Gisela,

The idea is that the submit button (thanks for pointing out the typo, btw) inserts your reply and then takes you back to the thread start. The save button inserts the record if it doesn't exist in the database, or otherwise updates it.

The save button is there for two reasons: people writing a long reply might want to save it as they are going along, for peace of mind. Secondly I want to give people the option of editing their replies and the save button will be needed then, although I haven't got around to this yet.

Obviously something is going wrong, so I will play around with a few presses of each button now...

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