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Latest Version

Posted: Wed 03 Dec, 2014 4:03 am
by EarthAngel2911

My laptop (Windows 8.1) is running Orphalese version (within the desktop mode). What is the difference between this version and the newest version Should I bother updating?


Re: Latest Version

Posted: Sat 06 Dec, 2014 5:21 pm
by Programmer
I would say it is worth it because those three minor revision numbers actually represent all the changes I made in about a year and a half, and one of them fixed a pretty serious bug which meant that sometimes if you were changing between different decks with spreads already laid out you could end up with extra duplicate cards in the deck (depending on the relative sizes of the decks in question). There haven't been any major new features added. Upgrading does not have to be any hassle because there is now a single click upgrade, basically it just replaces the executable file. You can get that here: