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Transparent Fault with Card Back

Posted: Thu 14 May, 2015 12:43 pm
by Greg the Yeti
A never before discovered fault?

I've got used to the idea that even if a Deck uses transparency, the card back is displayed as SOLID, without transparency. So with a circular Deck, you need to supply a square card back!

However. in using such transparent decks (hey I never said they were mine did I?) such as "Ling Qi Jing (Chinese Numbers) - Clear Advice", if you "right click" on the card you get a strange inbetween / "bastard" version of what ought to appear!

Try it out!!

Clearly the program - (or should I say Dot.NET) is trying is best to provide something useful and failing balefully!!!!!!!

This is clearly undesireable behaviour!

Perhaps nobody has pushed the boundaries so far and so hard before???

This is clearly a fault. When you have time, a fix would be welcome.

Regards Greg the Yeti

Re: Transparent Fault with Card Back

Posted: Fri 15 May, 2015 6:48 am
by Greg the Yeti
On re-reading this I notice that I was ambiguous.

What I'm talking about is when the card back is displayed when you RIGHT CLICK on a drawn card.

With a transparent deck, you get an attempt at a mixture of the OUTLINE of the Transparent card, with the FILL of the card back.

Greg the Yeti