Changes in Exchange Rates

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Changes in Exchange Rates

Postby Programmer » Thu 24 Dec, 2015 12:40 pm

Some visitors to the website might have noticed that I have been having trouble keeping sensible values for the exchange rates in the registration page. At some point, without me realizing it, the free web service that I used to use for this got switched off. For a few weeks I think the price of the program was coming up with negative numbers (because my own code was returning a -1 for the exchange rate when an error occurred), so during that time it would have been impossible to buy a licence in anything except euros. After that, for the last couple of weeks, I have had fixed values in there as a place holder.

Hopefully I have now got the exchange rates refreshing daily again, this time using a free web service based on US dollars, so from now on all the prices are based on that currency. Sorry for any inconvenienced caused by this in the last several weeks!

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