spread positions not being saved

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spread positions not being saved

Postby PinkKitty » Tue 20 Dec, 2016 5:03 pm

not having too many issues with the new version; except it doesn't save the card position meanings when you save a reading. Tried to look for a check box for that...
Also, when it re-deals a spread from saved reading, it doesn't include the position explanations at all, even from my old readings (pre vs. 10). Do I need to move a folder or something? Also, no matter what I do, it won't show ampersands... or leave a return space or line after position definition, before the card name. Tried the create/edit a spread to add a space line or spaces at all, reading ignores them. Still love this program, though.

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Re: spread positions not being saved

Postby Programmer » Wed 11 Jan, 2017 8:09 pm

Hi Kitty,

Sorry for the delay in replying, the holiday season got in the way. The card position readings should definitely save, that is basic functionality so the question is why are they not saving in this case. Are you editing a reading you created with a previous version? Maybe you could send me an example of the previous readings, then I can test it to see if there is an error when I try to edit it (it could be there is an error which is not showing up on screen but is preventing saving).

With regard to not showing ampersands that sounds like an XML problem. I'll make a note of the bug but it sounds like it is not terribly important. Not being able to include line returns is obviously a much bigger problem. To be clear, are you talking about readings or spreads? The reason I ask is that with a reading it should really let you edit the text for each card at will, whereas for a spread the program puts together the different elements of position notes, name and card notes so I can understand how there could be a problem there if it does that badly and removes spaces or line breaks.

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