More Options as Deck Specific Options

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More Options as Deck Specific Options

Postby MysticEast » Fri 10 Mar, 2017 1:42 pm

Hi Richard,
I have mentioned some of these before but here is a short list of Options, that are currently General, which I think would be better as Universal but "Deck Overide-able".

1) and most important of these - "Always shuffle before dealing a Spread" - see below.
2) "Deal Face Up"
3) "Free Selection" Face up or Face Down.

The "Always Shuffle before Dealing a Spread" option is most important to me since I generally prefer NOT to (and often want to use the "Seeded Shuffle"), but I am working on a series of Decks for the "Napoleon's/or The Egyptian Book of Fate" where it is pretty essential for it to be ON.

I don't want to have to require users of the Decks to have to remember to go into "General Options" and change a setting there, before using them! I think that would be realy unreasonable!

So a big PRETTY PLEASE for that first change...


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Re: More Options as Deck Specific Options

Postby Programmer » Wed 12 Apr, 2017 6:30 pm

Hi Mystic, sorry it has take me a while to get around to replying. I agree it would be unreasonable to ask people to change their settings before dealing a spread, but couldn't you mention it in the spread notes i.e. "please make a point of shuffling just before you deal this spread"? Your decks and spreads are quite popular downloads so I am sure people would make a point of reading the instructions.

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