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Log into chat

Postby Paula4u » Sun 12 Dec, 2004 7:34 pm

I have never ever been able to log into chat, does it work?? Also I use XP Prof. I also found i can lift a card of a deck even though I have not set this up like that. Also Free Selection..................doesnot work, am I supposed to drag the card of the deck?? if so it doesnot why???

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Re: Log into chat

Postby Programmer » Mon 13 Dec, 2004 8:46 am

Hi Apollonia,

At the moment chat does not work. It stopped working in September, when I switched to using a SQL database instead of Access for storing information on the server. I forgot that the chat feature also stored some data in the database. I only realised this last week though, so I haven't got around to fixing this yet.

Regarding your comments about free selection and lifting a card, you get a card out of the deck by clicking (not dragging), the same as in normal mode. You can return a card to the deck by dragging.



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