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The Very Holy Deck

Posted: Sat 06 Aug, 2016 12:57 pm
by Programmer
The website has just become host to the latest deck by F.J.Campos, the Very Holy Deck. As always you can download it from his dedicated page here:

With this publication there are an astonishing forty-nine of his decks in the collection. His fans will be eagerly waiting to see what materializes in position fifty...

Re: Very Holy Deck

Posted: Sun 07 Aug, 2016 7:20 am
by Programmer
Erratum: I originally posted this as the Very Holy Tarot but that was a moment of confusion on my part. It is a standard 52 card poker deck with two jokers. Sorry for any confusion generated!

Re: The Very Holy Deck

Posted: Sun 07 Aug, 2016 9:08 am
by ImperatrixMundi
No problemo at all, Richard, thanks a lot for the correction. Anyway, I am starting to think that a religious image Tarot can be a welcome addition to the collection... Allow me to ponder. Best regards.

Re: The Very Holy Deck

Posted: Mon 08 Aug, 2016 9:33 am
by Greg the Yeti
Thanks for that Deck FJ,
is this your way of "Saying Five Hail Mary's" as penance for all your "naughty" decks of the past?

But seriously I noticed that the link above didn't take me to at all but instead took me to a page run by DoubleClick a "Spying on Us" site, now run I think by Google.

I reckoned that Richard might want to look out why that's happening!
Re-Directs are a frequent but serious security problem!

Double Click is a VERY frequent "3rd Party Cookie", but if they're hacking and taking control of links here then you might want to think about giving them the grand order of the boot!

Relevant detail:-
If this only happens to me and not to other users that might relate to the fact that I routinely Block "DoubleClick" using the "NoScript" extension in Firefox. Perhaps as I'm blocking them,, they've targeted me for that re-direct??
I just don't know how DoubleClick (Google) managed to DO that, if they're blocked??? Perhaps I'll report this to "No Script" as well!
Could it have been caused by the fact that the http:/ in that link has got duplicated?? Even so I shouldn't have ended up on DoubleClicks site!

Regards Greg

Re: The Very Holy Deck

Posted: Mon 08 Aug, 2016 8:03 pm
by ImperatrixMundi
Not exactly, Greg, I treat all subject with the same respect, because I think they deserve... I've started preliminary work for a religious imaginery Tarot, I think it can be pretty interesting, because images are so powerful. We'll see the result.

Not sure about the link, I see that it has two http concatenated, it just does not open for me on Microsoft Edge, but I don't see nothing strange or misplaced. I think the correct URL is just:

At least, this one works

Best regards