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Tarot para Macondo

Postby MysticEast » Mon 26 Sep, 2016 9:16 am

Just a note to anybody who has already downloaded this:-

SOMEHOW I got the cards switched for Cups/Mariposas and Swords/Lagrimas. SORRY!

I've now numbered them correctly and re-uploaded it. Please re-download to fix the error (if you havn't already re-numbered them for yourself!)

The notes that were with the Deck were in the correct positions, so they didn't need changing. It was just the card numbers.

I THINK this happened because the Deck comes with a rather different order of Suits and I was discussing with Richard how to address this different order. Whether to keep them in the order as in the Deck or whether to use the Standard Tarot order. Having finally decided to follow the standard, it seems that I hadn't checked the card order.... (we all make mistakes!)


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