This is a good free download 'The Book Of Shadows'

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This is a good free download 'The Book Of Shadows'

Postby Peter Singh » Tue 15 Aug, 2006 1:01 pm

It is a little scary, and I do not understand it. But Diana is a reference to the moon, she comes from a word meaning junction, though junctions were maybe bad luck - this is from memory. Does anybody know the Sanskrit manual it comes from? Even the Runes of Sanskrit origins!

copy and paste notes
The Book of Shadows is a traditional book of Wicca, containing the core rituals, practices, and wisdom of a Wiccan tradition. It is copied by hand from that of one's initiator (High Priestess or Priest), who copied it from his or her initiator. The traditional material it contains may not be changed. sometimes additions are allowed. Some of the Wicca keep a personal Book of Shadows in addition to that of their tradition. This is typically for individual use and is not always passed on to one's initiates.

The term Book of Shadows is believed to originate with Gerald Gardner, who is said to have taken it from the name of a Sanskrit manual of divination through the length of one's shadow.

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