Please Help Me Fix This Error Message?

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Please Help Me Fix This Error Message?

Postby hank » Tue 05 Apr, 2016 7:23 pm

Recently i encountered a problem with the app after a low disk problem on my computer,where i got the following message from the app;'please make sure that the card is a valid image file & correctly numbered'.What could be the problem in this scenario & has anyone else encountered a simillar problem & how do you fix it?

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Re: Please Help Me Fix This Error Message?

Postby hermit » Thu 07 Apr, 2016 8:18 pm

If this is happening only when you try to open one specific deck, it sounds like you either lost an image file or one got corrupted. The fix is to go into the folder for that deck and check to see that the first image file is present, viewable and named 00.jpg (or 00.png or 00.gif). If it's missing or you can't view it, re-install the deck to restore it.

eta* And it strikes me that error message might apply for any of the cards, not just the first one. So it might be easiest to just re-install that deck anyway.

Hope that helps.

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