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Quarantined Threats

Posted: Fri 01 Jun, 2018 5:02 pm
by Christine420
Hi, I cannot access my program because McAfee quarantined threats.

Any suggestions? The program will no longer open.

Thank you for any advice.


Re: Quarantined Threats

Posted: Fri 01 Jun, 2018 5:18 pm
by WebWeaver
Hi Christine, you might want to check out the link below. I'd also suggest you install the newest version. Not sure what version you are using, but it's now signed via Microsoft so if you're using an older version that might help or McAfee is just a brat ;)
You'll want to do the Restore one :)

Re: Quarantined Threats

Posted: Tue 24 Jul, 2018 9:00 pm
by MysticEast
I have a similar problem, not with Orphalese but with a Lottery Program that I use. It gets updated regularly and my Web Security - Norton - ALWAYS blocks the new versions, every time!
The first time this happened I investigated the description of the Threat, which (after several links and reading lots of fairly meaningless bumf) turned out to be simply that "Not many Norton Internet Security Users had used this program so it's Safety Level was unknown..."

I reckoned that this wasn't a very good reason to block a program that I knew and had used for quite a few years, so I now routinely have to set Norton to ignore the issue... again and again and again...

Hope this helps.