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Reading Feedback for Baroli/Aurora

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Dear Barbara (Baroli)

You had bring to my attention meaningful details about my relationship with my daughter. For that I`m gratefull. My feedback is after ***

Reading for Aurora
Spread: Where am I?
Deck: Tarot of Prague

1. Where am I Mentally?
2. Where am I Physically?
3. Where am I Spiritually?

I had to chuckle when I pulled the first card. I immediately got pictures (as I looked at it), in my mind of my mother and I having discussions on when to be home and it's my turn to do the dishes, etc. The cards I pulled are

1. 7 of Wands
2. The Lovers
3. The World
Now I like to pull the base card (bottom) a lot and I did with this reading.
Base card 10 of Pentacles.

Where am I mentally-7 of Wands. As I said I started to laugh looking at this card. Although I do not know how old your daughter is, her age does not apply here, it is just an age old thing of Mothers and daughters will either be their best friends or they will be in a constant battle of wills. I think yours is a combination of both. You are your daughter's good friend besides being her Mom, but you and she constantly have discussions, which on occasion lead to almost a competition. You is more right you or your daughter. Who has more say on what to do you or your daughter. I can hear my mother saying to me in the back of my mind, As long as you are living under my roof, you will do what I say. The soldier in the card is on top of a wall with 6 other wands below him. He is holding his wand in a posture of ready to do battle. But it is not a real battle, it is just a battle of wills. There are several issues that you and your daughter do not agree on. You feel that because of your life experience you know the right way and are prepared to do verbal battle to prove your point. Your daughter on the other hand, wants to try her way. Actually, she has several ways, 6 to be exact. But I think it has become a very long and weary battle for you both and you are mentally tired. Enough already!!

*** Yes Barbara. My daughter is 33. The discussions at this age are about me taking care of my granddaughter. She wants me to take care of her, in her home, and I said I prefer my home. I propose to take care of the baby 2 days in her home, and 3 in mine, but she do not agree, at first, and was really upset. She lives 5 minutes from my apartment, but her house is her house. Right now we are near an agreement. She finally understood my point.

Where am I physically? The Lovers. I have to admit, I am not sure where this card fit in at first, but I thought about it and indeed it does. Having the constant verbal sparring is indeed physically as well as mentally debilitating. But the lovers is also about choice. Whether to give in to the physical need of love, or the spiritual pure love. There is no doubt in my mind that you both love each other. I know at times it seems that neither one of you think so. But the love is truly there. The spiritual love of a mother for her child is very strong. It is stronger sometimes than that of a love between a man and a woman. For she is a part of you, a physical part of you. She I think feels the same way. The question is, whether she wants to acknowledge that love. She wants so much to be an independent woman, ( I would laugh if your daughter is like 7 years old lol). But I think she still deep in her heart still likes to be Mommies girl.

***From the point of view of love and the relationship it is as you said. And she is very independent, but also very needy. She is my only child and is a little spoiled. Your point of view is very important because I had to remember that this sacrifice is for love. But this card in the Physical position is also speaking to me about some decisions I had to make in order to take care of the baby. I had to let down my Yoga classes during the mornings...and my walking routine. ...That is really making me feel anxious, and still I had not an idea how I can make time for my physical exercises. I`m doing this as a favor to her, really it was not my intention to take care of a baby the 5 days of a week, but she do not have the money to pay 900.00 monthly for day care of 2 child's. Day care in Puerto Rico is very expensive))))))))) This will not be for the whole year, just a few months....thats why I`m doing it. On the other side I will be able to make the tarot readings by email when the baby sleeps....

Where am I spiritually? The World. What a great card. New beginnings. New thoughts and ideas, new passion. The naked woman is dancing in anticipation as she goes through a gateway of the laurel wreath. She looks back and raises her hands triumphantly holding two short wands in each hand. Ideas and thoughts that give rise to new passions. It is a card of completion and a card of beginnings. Even though you have your discussions and feel you know what's best, you also know it is time to let her fly solo. This card is signifying the ending of being a little girl and the beginning of being a confident woman in the world. But we know that they never really go and they never really leave. Where there is love there is home.

***A beautiful and meaningful card, indeed! The second Mayor card in the reading, wow! It makes me thing this task will bring spiritual advancement and a new spiritual understanding of the relationship. The naked women in the card could be my daughter, my granddaughter or me...or the 3 of us. This card is telling me I need to accomplish this task in order to bring closure to a path and move on...and I think the theme here is understanding, sacrifice and compassion... the number of the card 21 = 2+1 = 3 The Empress. This is a message of nurturing and mothering...we are always learning to become better persons/mothers. I had theTarot of Prague cards in front of me. The Women in the center of The World card is looking toward The Lovers card: a return to love, to become more loving and lovable. Beatiful deck!

Base card-10 of Pentacles- what's this reading all about?? Love. Love of life, laughter, living. Love of family, loyalty, prosperity. Aurora, you have a great daughter. She will not forget the valuable lessons she has learned from you.

*** This number 10 card goes with the finishing/beginning theme of The World card, it is a confirmation of the reading!!! Barbara, I had to thank you again for this loving, sensible and meaningful reading. It was a pleasure to meet you and be your reading partner. Will continue to meditate with The World card for some weeks.



I hope this is close to what you wanted.

I await your feedback.

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