New Decks : Using the Multiple Decks feature

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New Decks : Using the Multiple Decks feature

Postby Greg the Yeti » Mon 22 Aug, 2016 1:33 pm

Regards Richard and anyone else looking for new uses for "Multiple Decks" and/or "Subsets"

Mulitple Decks now seem to be working very well - excellent!
I also note here that the problems which had been blighting the "New Random Sort" seem also to have been sorted!
I also note here that there had been some problems with "Too Many Deck-itis" causing some very wierd effects with some Decks. That also now seems to be sorted (and keep the number of those Decks down with the new "Load on Demand" feature or face certain headaches)

Lots of Sorting by Richard - so thanks! BUT WHAT'S ALL THIS GETTING TO... You'll see...

Various problems there had caused me to stop using the Lottery Number Decks that are on the Deck Share.
I wasn't confident of the results! So I went back to my former Bread Bin and Numbered Tokens to choose my numbers.

In the process i worked out a few "Policies".
For the Lotto that only costs 0.5€ I sometimes play a "Wheel of 15x15". 15 numbers wheeled into 15 tickets. 15 is a lucky number for me...
So the Policy - to keep my lottery spending DOWN, is that I only play that 15x15 Wheel if as I'm doing my Tokens and at some stage of the throwing exactly 15 Tokens turn up. That's my sign. Otherwise I go for 12 numbers played just as two tickets (the minimum play).
Now can I do that in Orphalese? ... Well wait there's more...

In the throwing of the tokens, you often come up in the last throws with "only needing a couple more to make up the 12". But sometimes the 3 or 4 your throwing all turn face up, or all turn face down.
Another Policy to keep my spending down -
a) If they all come face up, any number of times then I continue...
b) But if they all come up "Blank" face down three times in a row then I don't play that time. I suppose depending on your Wallet (Pocket-book in USofA) you might want to make that just twice in a row?
Now can I do that in Orphalese?

I believe that with "Multiple Decks" and/or "Subsets" it SHOULD be possible with a separate Deck or possibly using a combined Deck (but only ever using Subsets of that).

With Multiple decks:-
The First Deck is one of those Lotto Decks on the Share.
The Second Deck could contain a good number of Cards "12" and just a few or one "15".
It could also contain a couple of "Don't Play Tonight" Cards. (Or perhaps "Not Tonight Darling!"?)
(Other People of course might prefer other numbers!)

Done & Dusted - and now go and do likewise - work out new ways of using the massive power now in Orphalese!

I'm gonna "Go Draw Me 'Em Cards"...

Regards, hope you like the idea,

P.S. - I just thought - because people are different and to allow for that the Deck could contain quite a lot of each and leave it up to the user to select how many they want of each - using the "Subsets" feature! (I've always been a choices person).

P.P.S. - I also just thought - if those Lottery decks, already on the Deck Share, were expanded with and equal number of "Blank Ones", then using that you would faithfully re-create the actual throwing of Tokens for your Numbers.

Throw #1 - Any that come up Blank have to be discarded. This can now be done with the new "Gather" and "Gather as a Subset" functions! So relying on that working properly one can really "Do the Lotto Tokens".

Just to help you, here are my "Rules for Throwing"

1) If too many numbers turn face up then:- Discard all Blanks and re-throw the Face Up ones.
2) If not enough numbers turn face up then:- Those numbers that were face up become "Definites" and are laid in a twin line for easy counting, excluded from further throws. The Blanks are now the ones that are re-thrown.

Greg the Yeti
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Re: New Decks : Using the Multiple Decks feature

Postby Greg the Yeti » Mon 22 Aug, 2016 2:19 pm

Sure you may have read the above and say
"That's too complicated!"

But are you telling me that the "Celtic Spread" isn't complicated?

The Chinese seem to have "divined" that a long process of choosing the "Reading" if nothing else helped ensure a high level of mystique and probably helped to engage the Questioner in the process. It became the "Ritual of the Yarrow Stalks".

So yes - it IS complicated - but what of value isn't?


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Re: New Decks : Using the Multiple Decks feature

Postby purple_scorp » Sat 21 Jan, 2017 12:58 pm

Hi Greg,

actual, I read the above and didn't understand any of it. :S

Was I the only one?


Greg the Yeti
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Re: New Decks : Using the Multiple Decks feature

Postby Greg the Yeti » Wed 01 Mar, 2017 9:19 am

Hi Purple Scorp,
sorry you didn't get it. Sorry I didn't explain well enough!

To understand it will help to be a regular user of "Multiple Decks" and to have used Orphalese to choose your Lottery Numbers (using one of various Decks shared on the P2P)

Because I'm not loaded I don't play every time and need methods to "tell me" when to play!
Because I'd stopped using Orphalese to choose my numbers (because of problems with "Randomness" having been compromised at that time - now fixed!) I was using my old setup of all the numbers on Disks and a Pet Litter Tray...

I had worked out some "rules" for myself, when to play and when to play an occaisional "bigger one", and was merely trying to apply those within Orphalese with a Secondary Deck... Unfortunately I havn't gone and drawn that Deck. Sorry - I've had a lot on!

However I'm confident that the above ideas would work (when I have time to create the Deck).

I was simply trying to show that "Multiple Decks" can do things that a single Deck cannot...

Regards Greg

P.S. - as to sharing that Deck when I've created it - since a lot of those spending/playing "rules" I've created for myself are "personal" (like my personal lucky number of 15) my Deck probably WONT be relevant to other people?

Greg the Yeti
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Re: New Decks : Using the Multiple Decks feature

Postby Greg the Yeti » Sun 05 Mar, 2017 1:16 pm

Hi again Purple Scorp and anybody else who is interested in using Orphalese to help choose Lottery Numbers and Playing Strategies.
I've got off my butt and created that deck I spoke of.

While I still think that it would be better for people to create their own deck to reflect their own
a) Bank Balance
b) Lucky Feeling....
c) Lucky Numbers

I thought it might be helpful just to tell you what my deck consisted of. So here goes...

It ISN'T possible to use the exact same method as described in my post above, so I'm merely trying to reflect what I think are good percentages..

100 cards - to make percentages easy to reflect
of those 100:-
40 read "Don't Play"
50 read "Two Lines" - to use 12 Numbers simply divided out to fill Two Lines - the Minimum Play - Cost €1
7 read "15 x 15" - to use a Wheel of 15 of the Numbers in 15 Lines - Cost €7.50
3 read "21 x 46" - to use a Wheel of 21 of the Numbers in 46 Lines - Cost €23

Now if you are richer than me then you might want to reduce the number of "Don't Play" cards!

And if you don't have "Wheeling" Software then you might NEED to delete the 3rd and 4th options of "15 x 15" and "21 x 46"...

- - -

My Wheeling Software "Wheel Gold" came from an American, Gail Howard, trading under the name "Smart Luck", but there are others out there...
I also use another of her Programs "Advantage Plus" which CLAIMS to improve the selection of numbers...
When I first had a lot of time on my hands, I spent quite a lot testing out that claim...
Using the "Advantage Plus" software and "tinkering with" the various adjustments and then doing long, very long Test Runs using the largest actual Results Lists I could get.

It was complicated and involved my own Excel Spreadsheets to do the comparing of the Predictions with the Actual Results.

The "Advantage Plus" software did offer to do testing over a whole Results List BUT it only tested ONE line or wheel over the Whole Results List. Now that's a useless USELESS test! I needed to compare the prediction for each Draw with the Actual Result later registered - for each respective Draw....

I needed not only "Advantage Plus" and "Excel" but also a Macro Enabled Text Editor (I use "TextPad") and also a basic Automating Program to control the flow of information from the one program and into the others and the various TextPad Macros and Excel Macros (I used "AutoIT")... So NOT easy, VERY complicated!!

Each "Run" took around 40 mins!

The largest of the tests I did was over five thousand actual results, but it had to be repeated for each adjustment I made......

and YES giving improvements over what can be expected from purely random numbers by a SMALL AMOUNT - between 6% and 8%...
It never did get me a big win. My biggest so far was a couple of hundred....

I continue to play, but try to keep it small!!

If you are interested in using Orphalese to help choose your Lottery Numbers I hope that this inpires you and gives you ideas!


I will contine this line of thinking below with some new ideas I've had, still using "Multiple Decks" but this time the "Gather to a New Deck" function....

Greg the Yeti
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Re: New Decks : Using the Multiple Decks feature

Postby Greg the Yeti » Sun 05 Mar, 2017 1:48 pm

Hi any "Orphalese Lottery Players" out there...

Continuing my post above:-

While my ideas in the above DID spring from the Orphalese "Multi Deck" Feature, in actual fact you would be right in thinking that the Deck that I actually produced from those ideas is in fact better used after three separate uses of one of those "Lottery Decks" on the P2P. So NOT using the "Multiple Deck" feature....

However the "Multiple Deck" feature need not despair!! Fret Not!

With the idea of getting the best possible results from using "Smart Luck" with "Lady Luck" in Orphalese I worked out the following method, which DOES use a "Multiple Deck" feature...

1) Using that "Advantage Plus" software I get it to output for me the most likely 30 or 35 numbers for a specific draw.

2) Then using a "Lottery Deck" within Orphalese I select those numbers and use the new "Gather to a New Deck" function. This can't be one of the "Ghostly Medium" Decks, since you have to be able to see the numbers to select them in F4 "Free Selection" Mode. So for the time being it has to be one of the "Chiller Parchment" Decks, sorry!

3) Then I use three specially prepared Spreads to shuffle and output numbers for:-
a) Two Lines, using 12 numbers - cost just €1
b) 15 numbers for a Wheel of 15 x 15 - cost €7.50
c) 21 numbers for a Wheel of 21 x 46 - cost €23

4) I've saved each of those as a "Reading"

5) NOW and only now I use the "Decider" Deck to choose whether to play, and which of those options to use.

6) If I get one of the three "Play" Options, then now I simply have to recall that "Reading" and "Wheel" those numbers into actual lines of play and go and pay for them!

It helps me to play, and occaisionally play "big", without letting it get out of control!!!! Moreover It helps to stop me worrying about "What might have happened"........ No other reason is required...

I hope this helps you to play and keep control of your play!


P.S. With my very first "Live" use of this method I came out with a "Don't Play".
Now will I have to check out the results to see what I might have won if I had played...............??

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