Orphalese Tarot cam't run Macintosh with a suitable Windows emulator.

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Orphalese Tarot cam't run Macintosh with a suitable Windows emulator.

Postby virginialuther12 » Thu 02 Mar, 2017 7:12 am

First I discovered Orphalese concerning 18 months ago when I was researching the dissimilar types of Tarot Card Software for judgment and review for a journal article and essay writing. Orphalese compared practically well, although it lacked a number of features that were obtainable in a participant’s software (although for a much-advanced register fee). Since that time, Richard (the programmer) has lengthily developed Orphalese and I would now judge it the most significant Tarot software. It is inspiring to see a programmer who is enthusiastic to the repeated enhancement of the software and as such, Richard is very accessible to development requests.
Recently I try to run on a Macintosh with a suitable Windows emulator, but it can't work properly.Actually, this software is designed for the Windows operating system but in the installation notes, it claims it will also run on a Macintosh with a suitable Windows emulator.What is the reason for this issue?Any idea?

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Re: Orphalese Tarot cam't run Macintosh with a suitable Windows emulator.

Postby Programmer » Fri 03 Mar, 2017 7:27 pm

Thanks for the feedback. The external link didn't have anything to do with tarot so I hope you don't mind that I removed it.

I am happy to admit that I have never tried to run the program on a Macintosh or any other operating system, you are right that it is written for Windows. On the other hand I know that Windows emulators exist for other operating systems and I have had feedback from users saying that they have been able to run the program under those circumstances. I suspect the quality and suitability of the emulators always lags slightly behind the operating system they are trying to keep up with. As new versions of Windows come out they have to make modifications to mimic the original functionality. So when I say a "suitable emulator" I simply mean one that is up to date and works. I am also happy to admit that this renders the statement tautologous, i.e. I am saying that the program will run on any platform it will run on. However, as I said, this is based on feedback that I have received at various times. I don't seek to guarantee that it will always be the case with any emulator. I hope this clarifies the situation with emulators.

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