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Re: Welcome to the Backrounds Section

Postby Greg the Yeti » Sun 24 May, 2015 10:53 am

Hi, a few years ago I did share a couple of collections of backgrounds on the P2P. However "Backgrounds" seem to have fallen by the wayside!

Some collections mentioned here were shared by e-mail and thus not accessible to others.
Some collections on P2P mentioned here, are no longer there.
I searched the Orphalese Web Pages and couldn't find any.
I searched the P2P for "background" and found nothing!
Mine are no longer on the P2P!

It would be nice if there were some backgrounds for other users to choose and use.

I will sometime soon update what I shared before, and re-share them.
Perhaps others who have posted here could do the same, using the key-word "background" in the "Deck" name?

Greg the Yeti

I've also been making a collection of "Card Backs" and "Tiles for Backgrounds", for use when some decks don't have something suitable.

Pehaps others could share any resources here as well, using perhaps the keywords "Card Back" or just "Back" and "Tile"?

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